Thoroughly experienced in the government acquisition system ADI Technologies services include Strategic Marketing, Sales, and Support (After Contract Award)

ADI Technologies is thoroughly experienced in the government acquisition system and its regulations and rules. Affiliated with ADIT Solutions, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business we market to all federal agencies (including DOD, DHS, DOT, DOE, DOS, DOJ, DOC, DOL, EPA, etc.) and to all levels of government (including state, county, local).

We are with clients every step of the way: beginning from the very early steps before a competition, to providing support following contract award. Below are just a few of the services that we provide:

Before Competition: Strategic Marketing
Our experts can find practical applications for advanced and emerging technologies by conducting marketplace research, strategic planning and technical analysis to gain extensive knowledge of products and services to ensure a long-term foothold in the targeted market.

  • Conduct market analysis and studies: Our staff has extensive knowledge of the government marketplace and can conduct strategic analyses quickly and efficiently. We are able to compile and produce valuable market information, which our clients use to better understand the competition, marketplace opportunities, potential partnerships, and a variety of other issues. We are constantly collecting market intelligence in order to keep abreast of market trends and changes.
  • Influence the requirements and specifications before competition: ADI Technologies is able to gain access to requirements, specifications, and schedules as early as possible. We work with the user community and our client’s engineers in order to prepare their product design to meet or exceed competition standards and even influence the requirements. As a result, we ensure that our products are well positioned even before entering into competition.
  • Prepare and deliver marketing and sales presentations: We educate and win over decision-makers in the government acquisition system through informational presentations. Throughout these efforts, we are able to identify and bring together team partners, subcontractors and business alliances, thereby enhancing overall competitiveness.
  • Influence the political system to support our strategy: Though we are not a lobbying firm, ADI Technologies has forged longstanding relationships with decision-makers on Capitol Hill, in the Pentagon, and other key governmental locations, allowing us the access and consideration needed to “be heard”, as the need arises. This strategy has resulted in our successfully moving our clients’ agendas forward at the highest levels, as well as successfully obtaining Congressional “Plus-Up” awards for our clients.

During Competition: Sales
Our talented and versatile team of experts often serves as our clients outsourced marketing and sales department for the public sector. We provide our clients with a competitive advantage by formulating a highly tailored and customized marketing strategy to be applied to the Government customers’ complex R&D, business, engineering, organizational and management challenges.

  • Develop the proposal effort: Once a solicitation is released, we develop the proposal strategy and supervise the team effort. We continue to augment our client’s engineering and logistics team so that all technical requirements are met or exceeded. Finally, we help write the proposal, prepare the oral presentation if required, and assist the client in all segments during the process.

After Competition: Contract Award Support
We watch over the client’s position and are able to develop political strategies that enhance our client’s competitiveness and ensure that competitors do not gain an advantage in this area.

  • Assist in the execution of the program: Once our clients are awarded a contract, we continue our support through the production phases to help ensure that their in-house resources are sufficient to meet the contract schedules and restraints. Due to our extensive contact database, we can introduce our clients to other experts in the areas of program management, engineering support, integrated logistics support, production, quality control, and contract administration.