Our total government acquisition system support services include client focused rapid and cost effective prototyping of equipment for military and other agencies.

ADI Technologies has created success through excellent relationships with our clients – both within the U.S. and around the globe. We call on our ability to improve relationships, increase market penetration and productivity, while ultimately helping to achieve improved sales margins and support future growth.

Sampling of ADI Wins

US Navy:
Aircraft Carrier Arresting Gear Engines
LCS Watertight Doors
DDG-1000 Watertight Doors
Ship Hydrostatic Locks (sole source)
DDG-1000 Turning Gear
Non-skid coating

Air Force:
SBIR Phase I – Development of Plasma Antenna Technology
SBIR II – Development of Plasma Antenna Technology Demonstration system
SPIDER long-range detection system

US Army:
TACOM Ground Vehicle Simulation Laboratory Study
Fire Suppression System for MRAP
Fire Suppression System for M-ATV
SPIDER long-range detection system (REF)
TACOM Tactical Fire Fighting Kit
TACOM Next Generation Scalable Trailers
TACOM FMTV+ Tech Demonstrator Vehicle
SOCOM Continuous Physiological Monitoring System (CPMS)

US Marine Corps:
EFV Auxiliary Power Unit
Portable, Tactical Battery Charging System
LAV Cooling
LVSR Hydraulics

SPIDER long-range detection system (TSWG)
Chemical Biological protective garments (Secret Service)
SPIDER long-range detection system (DoE)
Y-View Maritime System (Commercial Yachts)
Force Protection Systems Technical Evaluation, Afghanistan (NATO/NC3A)

Below are just some of the technologies we have successfully marketed:

Automatic Fire Detection, Suppression, and Extinguishing systems:
Our clients have successfully developed a revolutionary and environmentally-safe fire extinguishing agent known as SFE, which is more effective by weight and volume than Halon 1301. ADI Technologies has over 20 years experience working with companies that specialize in the development and manufacture of military, commercial, and industrial fire extinguishing and explosion suppression systems, as well as high speed electro-optic fire detection systems.

Auxiliary Power Units (APU):
ADI Technologies designed, developed, and managed the USMC Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) APU system, and was awarded the EFV APU production contract for client.

Electro-Optical ISR systems:
This sophisticated technology has been used for long-range automatic, intrusion detection systems for border and perimeter security. ADI Technologies’ client designed and manufactured aerial and maritime sensor systems used for detecting, recognizing, identifying and targeting from UAVs, helicopters, aerostats, naval vessels, and ground vehicles.

High Durability Deck Coatings – US Navy and Coast Guard:
Weight-saving and Cost-saving ultra-lightweight nonslip deck safety coating.

Hydraulic Equipment:
ADI Technologies represents a number of clients that provide hydraulic equipment (e.g. pumps, motor valves, controls, transmissions, and “six-axis” motion simulators) for land, marine, and aerospace applications.

Naval Engineering Design Firms:
ADI Technologies represents multiple engineering design firms that provide a variety of solutions to the US Navy and Coast Guard, including:
helicopter handling equipment, submarine bow-planes, naval deck machinery and mast-raising gear.
– naval hangar doors, scuttles, hatches, watertight doors, etc.
– weapons handling and towed sonar handling equipment, torpedo tubes, torpedo handling equipment, firing valves, shipboard waste processing systems, and aero-engine test stand equipment.
– SOLAS approved hydrostatic release units