Points of Contact

Key Manager/PositionQualifications
Terry Silampa
Functional Area 3.4: Production Support Manager
Responsible for the development, testing, production, fielding, and logistics support of various types of equipment for U.S. Navy and Coast Guard Programs. The types of equipment include aircraft handling, securing and arresting systems (to include aircraft and cargo elevators); submarine weapon handling and discharge systems; high pressure valves; submarine retractable bow planes; towed array sonar handling and cable systems; quick-acting watertight doors; lifeboat hydrostatic release equipment; and, environmental treatment and pollution abatement systems.
Barney Harris
Functional Area 3.1: Research and Development Support Manager
Over 25 years of experience developing complex machinery systems for use in naval, marine, and model test basin environments. Specialized expertise in experimental test fixtures, industrial hydraulics, automatic controls, and shipboard material handling equipment. He is leading the engineering development of a probe based system to capture, tow, and refuel unmanned surface vessels including the creation of the design requirements and concept; engineering analysis of strength, deflection, vibration, and hydro statics and dynamics; and lead the concept, preliminary, and detailed design, fabrication and at sea testing efforts for NSWC CCD.
Jerry Brown
Functional Area 3.2: Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support Manager
LTC, US Army, Retired, has worked recently on various DoD Tactical Wheel Vehicle development and production programs such as the JPO Programs such as MRAP, M-ATV. LTC Brown has supported the development, testing, production, fielding, and logistics support of the Automatic Fire Suppression Systems (AFSS) subsystems for the USA, USMC, USSOCOM, and US Navy programs. He has led the ADI effort to develop, test, and produce the SOCOM Military Free Fall Tactical Tool Kit.  LTC Brown has managed and fielded the following products to the U.S. Navy: Mil-Std- Shock proof electric motors, Chemical, Biological Protective Suits, High durability Mi-lPrf -AFFF and Deck coatings. For the USMC, he has managed test, evaluation, production, and fielding of the Light Rough Terrain Forklift, MRAP Survivability Enhancements, and propulsion and hydraulics systems.
Malcolm Beyer
Functional Area 3.6: Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support Manager
Involved in the development, integration, and testing of defense systems for many years. Mr. Beyer has built systems for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force, Iceland, United Kingdom, Germany and other NATO Countries. In addition Mr. Beyer has built systems for U.S. allies including: Bahrain, Korea and others. Mr. Beyer’s specific expertise is in the area of developing military Command and Control systems and simulators. Mr. Beyer has served as a CEO and Chairman of three firms and as a corporate director of five firms and has consulted to many other companies.
Nicholas Nguyen
Functional Area 3.12: Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support
Over 16 years of IT consulting and management experience with proven collaborative leadership skills. He served at the FBI from 2007 to 2014 in key roles to include the Deputy Project Manager for Delta and the ITB Unit Chief overseeing SharePoint, CORE, IData, DIVS, and InfoPath-based applications. Mr. Nguyen has extensive experience managing enhancements, operations, and maintenance for mission critical applications. Mr. Nguyen is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and has successful managed over 20 IT projects in industry and government, many utilizing Agile methodology
George Barros
Functional Area 3.21: Functional & Administrative Support Manager
Over 20 years of experience working for the government and private industry. Implemented and managed different types of projects according to the policies, procedures and goals of an organization. Responsible for logistical arrangements for staff. Oversees contract and task order budgets. Creates and implements more efficient office policies. Strong attention to detail and monitors the progress of all projects to ensure the project is on schedule and will be completed by the deadline.
John Chandler
Functional Area 3.22: Public Affairs & Multimedia Support Manager
Over 25 years of multimedia technical solutions development for AV IT and VTC technology, display, routing and switching, VTC, servers, asset management, compression, imaging, unified communications and services. Experienced with CRMs: Siebel, Navision and Goldmine and custom CRM while with Evertz Microsystems. IDIQ capture and management of the USUHS AV MATOC IDIQ. Experienced in managing Government IDIQ and task order accounts.
Cara Dobbins
Comptroller / cdobbins@aditechnologies.com
Ms. Dobbins is a graduate of Virginia Tech and has more than 10 years’ experience in CRM, Administration and Accounting working with both Government and Commercial customers. Whether working in a large company setting with more than 50,000 employees or in smaller companies with 5 employees, she succeeds because she is focused on the needs of the client. She performs well as a member of a team accomplishing multiple tasks and meeting multiple deadlines and is also able to take on solo lead roles in performing critical and essential tasks.
John Zeledon
Project Director
Over 7 years of experience as a Project Manager in both federal government and private sector project management. John is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a Master Program Manager (MPM), and a Certified Scrum master (CRM). He has the training, certification, and experience in taking a sponsor/ stakeholder’s vision and creating/managing a project that exceeds expectations and quality. John’s experience starts from the initiating stages of a project, to the project’s completion, including design, procurement, site management, technical, commercial and financial control, and quality and risk management.