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Our management team is committed to leading our organization and our clients according to high standards of integrity and accountability. We believe talent is essential to our continued success, and are proud to have some of the most talented leaders in the industry.

Terry Silampa

President, CFO / tsilampa@aditechnologies.com

Mr. Silampa has over 22 years of experience in US Government marketing and consulting. His experience for represented clients spans across a broad spectrum of functions including business development, program management, contract administration and support, proposal preparation, and international teaming and licensing agreements. In addition to these functions, Mr. Silampa is also responsible for overseeing all financial and administrative matters for ADI. He has participated in various US Government development and acquisition programs. Since he began his career with ADI he has obtained contracts for practically every active shipbuilding program within the US Navy (to include the DDG-51, LPD-17, LCS, CVN, and SSN programs) for represented clients. Contracts were obtained for both forward and back fit opportunities. Some of the technologies he has worked with in obtaining these contracts include electrical power generation and frequency conversion equipment; aircraft handling, securing and arresting systems; submarine weapon handling and discharge systems; high pressure valves; submarine retractable bow planes; towed array sonar handling and cable systems; quick-acting watertight doors; lifeboat hydrostatic release equipment; environmental treatment and pollution abatement equipment; and unmanned aerial vehicles. In addition to his work with the US Navy and Coast Guard, he has also been responsible for obtaining contracts with NASA, NATO, the US Army, University Research Programs (NSF Funded), and setting up international teaming relationships for several non-military markets. Some of the technologies involved for these contracts include hydraulic and electrical simulation systems; combustion engine analysis and design; NBC monitoring and protection equipment; wave generation systems; fire simulation systems; and medical waste treatment equipment. Overall he has been responsible for contracts awarded totaling over $100M. Mr. Silampa also serves as the main contact for industry leading MAFO doors for military applications.

Richard E. Owen

Vice President of Business Development / rowen@aditechnologies.com

Mr. Owen served as a United States Marine, performing both large and small-scale operational and logistical planning for activities in the US, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Korea, Japan, Somalia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, and other locations worldwide. During his military service, Mr. Owen also served as a Marine Corps instructor, was involved in public affairs/public relations, and worked on the Maritime Prepositioning Force (MPF) Program. After leaving active duty service Mr. Owen was involved in the financial industry, and later, the high-tech/technology industry. Mr. Owen’s projects and experience span a wide variety of systems and technologies, which include: software, hardware and data-warehousing for bioinformatics companies; artificial-intelligence/neural networks for financial institutions; web-content filtering technology; internet video-streaming technology; software, firmware and hardware for communications systems and medical devices; natural language processing software, as well as many other programs, which span numerous industries. Mr. Owen transitioned back into defense-related markets, and has been a principal with ADIT since 2005, allowing him to utilize his diverse military, financial and technology experiences. Some of his clients and programs include unique technologies in the areas of Force Protection, surveillance, detection and reconnaissance; specialized vehicle and facility armoring/blast mitigation; RCIED defeat; Chemical/Biological protection; and various other critical defense areas. Mr. Owen performs marketing, sales, technical consulting, program management, proposal writing, and contract administration functions for both U.S. and international clients. His current activities include work with the Department of Homeland Security, Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO), the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Navy, the UK Ministry of Defense, the Department of Energy, the U.S. Air Force, the Secret Service, as well as other agencies and organizations. In addition, Mr. Owen has served as technical consultant (Force Protection SME) for NATO in Afghanistan.

Clearance – SECRET (active)

Jerry Brown

Consultant / jbrown@aditechnologies.com (LtCol, US Army, Retired)

Mr. Brown has over 35 years experience in the US Government Research, Development and Acquisition (RDA) System. His experience spans across a broad spectrum of functions such as program management, integrated logistics support, subcontract administration, and contractor support and liaison which required coordination with the customer on technical, administrative, business, testing, integrated logistics support, system analysis, and marketing matters. He has worked on various US Government development programs such as the JPO Programs such as MRAP, M-ATV, and Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) Prototype Program; US Army Programs such as Armored HMMWV, Crusader, Stryker, M60 Tank Series, Abrams Tank Series, Infantry Fighting Vehicle Series, M88A2 Improved Recovery Vehicle, Ground Base Radar, High Mobility Engineer Excavator, Future Combat System, Ground Combat System; US Navy Programs such as Chemical Biological Suits, Ship Board High Durability Deck Coatings , MilStd Shock proof Electric Motors and Survivability enhancements: USMC Programs such as Light Rough Terrain Forklift, Combat Tactical Vehicles (CTV), and LAV Program; Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) Prototype, AAAV Alternate Propulsion System, hydraulic, and Auxiliary Power Unit; and USAF Programs such as Boeing 767 Tanker, Migetman Missile, and Very High Speed Water Deluge System for Ammunition Production. While on active duty, Mr. Brown had various operational experiences in both peacetime and combat that included armor, airborne, ranger, logistics and advising the Hellenic Army. His last assignment while on active duty was in the Pentagon as Chief of the Armor Vehicle Group for the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research, Development and Acquisition. Upon retirement from the Army in 1988, he became the Director of Land Systems for Allied Defense Industries and in 1994, he and his partner, Terry Silampa, bought the Company from the previous owner and re-incorporated to ADI Technologies, Inc. He is a graduate of The Citadel and has earned two masters degrees as well as graduated from the Army War College, and the Defense University Program Management Course.

Dr. Miguel Moreno

VP of Technology and Training / mmoreno@aditechnologies.com

Dr. Miguel Moreno, Hon., possesses an exceptionally diverse international background involving both the public and private sectors. the VP of Technology and Training at ADI Technologies Inc.  His military career spanned 19 years of active duty military service as a Bolivian Naval Officer and Special Forces Operator, including participation in joint training exercises with US military forces and special operations – including coordinating international rescue missions. Other responsibilities included recruiting, training, and working with top-level government officials, law enforcement organizations, and security forces personnel.  In addition, Dr. Moreno has 15 years of experience related to international Defense and Security, as an industry consultant.  Dr. Moreno has worked closely with the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (CHDS) of the National Defense University, and currently is the General Secretary (Representative) of the Euro-American Corporation of Security (CEAS- INTERNATIONAL), based in Spain. Dr. Moreno has more than 25 years of professional experience in organizing and speaking at many international events where he has trained more than 60,000 leaders from around the world. Consequently, Dr. Moreno is very proficient in developing training curricula in a wide range of subjects, and has further organized and taught specialized training courses and programs in such areas as Defense and Security, Disaster Management, Government/Politics, and Search and Rescue Operations. In the course of this training-related work, he has become the coach, consultant, mentor and personal advisor to several successful national and international leaders. As an institutional leader, Dr. Moreno has run or assisted in the management and/or operations of large organizations in the arenas of Banking, Defense and Security, Education, Health Services, Housing, Social Insurance, and Technology. In these diverse roles, he has extensively used his expertise in ISO, Market-based Management Reengineering, and Total Quality Management™ among others. Examples of the organizations he has worked with include: The German Cooperation Organization, (Deutshe Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit or GTZ for short), The Inter-American Development Bank, National American University, The University of California, USAID, and The World Bank. Along with holding three honorary doctorates, he is a Ph.D. candidate now defending his dissertation for the earned Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Higher Education.  His other earned degrees include: an MBA and an MA in Public Policy and Government, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Navy Science.

Languages – Spanish

Cara Dobbins

Comptroller / cdobbins@aditechnologies.com

Ms. Dobbins is a graduate of Virginia Tech and has more than 10 years’ experience in CRM, Administration and Accounting working with both Government and Commercial customers. Whether working in a large company setting with more than 50,000 employees or in smaller companies with 5 employees, she succeeds because she is focused on the needs of the client. She performs well as a member of a team accomplishing multiple tasks and meeting multiple deadlines and is also able to take on solo lead roles in performing critical and essential tasks.