Dynamic Heat Generator by ADI Technologies

Simple, Rugged, Reliable

The Dynamic Heat Generator (DHG) by Island City is a lightweight rotary device that creates heat by shearing fluid that is put into shear by rotational input power.

DHG units have high efficiencies and no external emissions. Only the prime mover, electrical motor or engine, affects the emission level. The DHG is a green device emitting no fumes nor by-product and is ideal in artic or freezing conditions. The DHG is normally driven by an electrical motor or engine and the power source, electrical power plant or Tier 4 engine, is under standard Federal/State regulation for emissions.

Use of the DHG with wind generation is an excellent use of the rotational power since no emissions are created during the rotational cycle. Use of the DHG in alternate power generation sector has many applications, from reheating water from condensate, to tempering entire buildings or structures. Many geothermal applications need a slight temperature rise to make the fluid useful for a multitude of applications offering the heater further combinations of energy uses.

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